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How often should I change my furnace filter?
Standard 1″ furnace filters need to be checked and changed once per month, especially in the winter months. 4″ pleated filters can last up to 1 year depending on the home, but should be checked every couple of months.
What does SEER mean?
SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating the “cheaper” the equipment is to operate for the consumer. The federal government has established a rating of 13 SEER as minimum required efficiency for residential equipment.
How often should I have my furnace checked?
If it is a new gas furnace, then every other year for the first 6 years is sufficient. Any gas furnace older than 6 years should be maintained every year to ensure optimal efficiency and to hopefully avoid costly repairs. All oil equipment should be maintained every year regardless of age. All Manufacturers now require yearly system maintenance to keep any warranty the unit may carry valid.
Should I cover my air conditioner in the winter?
This question is the homeowners personal preference. Outdoor condensing units are made to withstand weather elements. However if your unit is located where there is a “more than normal” amount of debris, then covering the unit will only help. It is recommended that annual maintenance be performed every year on condensing units.
What is R-410A?
A: R-410A is an environmentally friendly coolant that has replaced R-22 (freon). Although freon is still available for maintenance of existing systems, R-22 are no longer being produced.
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