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Air Quality Solutions

AccuClean & Indoor Air Quality

Accuclean Filter Image
We are an authorized Customer Care Dealer of American Standard AccuClean


  • Removes Over 99% Of The Common Flu, Or Influenza A Virus, From The Filtered Air In Your Home
  • Catches Particles Even Smaller Than .1 Micron In Size
  • 8 Times More Effective Than The Best HEPA Room Appliance
  • 100 Times More Effective Than A Standard 1″ Throwaway Filter Or Ionic-Type Room Appliance
  • Delivers Cleaner Air, And More Of It
  • Reusable Filter Is Easy To Vacuum Or Wash

Other Indoor Air Quality Solutions

  • We offer a full line of Indoor Air Quality Products including:
  • Whole Home Humidifiers
  • Air Cleaners
  • Electronic Filters
  • Pleated Filters
  • Air to Air Exchangers
  • Ultra Violet Lights