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No Heat? Start Here!

american-standard-gas-furnace-la-crosseAre you having problems with your HVAC System?  No matter what the problem, Cary Heating & American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help. Before calling for service, try these simple suggestions:

Insufficient Heat/No Heat

-Do you have a newly remodeled home, or have you had any work done on your fuel or electricity lines? Has the gas or electricity been turned off? If this is the case, having it turned back on may solve the problem.

-Is your thermostat on? What temperature is it set at? If the thermostat is off or set/programmed incorrectly, this could be the issue. Making sure your thermostat is on and programmed correctly could solve the problem.

-Check your home’s circuits or fuse box. If you have an open circuit breaker or burned out fuse, fixing these things first may solve the problem.

-Remove any snowdrifts resting against your outdoor unit and check your intake and exhaust pipes for frosting, snow and icicles.

Too Dry in Your House?

-Make sure your humidifier is switched on. Most homeowners turn the humidifier off at then end if the previous heating season and forget to turn it back on when needed.

-Check to make sure your humidifier damper or water valve is  is open. If closed, consult your manual to open or unclog it.

-Check the humidifier settings and adjust the indoor relative humidity settings to bring greater comfort to your home.

Hopefully these tips will help the next time you experience problems with your heating system and maybe even save you a few bucks!