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Furnace Tips

Even though it is 90° out today, it is getting to be that time of year again. Winter and snow will soon be here.  Our furnaces, or forgotten family members, as I like to call them, will be working hard to keep us warm. Here are some tips to help them do their jobs to their fullest:

1) Change your furnace filter on a regular basis. 1″ filters need to be changed monthly- sometimes more depending on your individual home (pets, construction, etc.)

2) It is highly recommended that  furnaces be tuned up every year. The older the furnace, the more important the service. Older furnaces aren’t equipped with features (like newer gas furnaces) that shut the furnace off if a problem is detected. Over time, furnaces can develop small cracks in the combustion chamber that may not be visible to the naked eye. It’s through these cracks that carbon monoxide can leak into your home.

3) Keep the area around your furnace clean & unobstructed.

4) Keep the burner area of your furnace clean.

5) Have the motors and bearings attended to by a qualified HVAC Technician every year.

6) Do not keep anything combustible within 6″ of your vent pipe.

7) Do not store combustibles such as paint thinners, gasoline etc near your furnace.

8) Do not close off more than 20% of the registers in your house. This may cause high resistance and unnecessary heat build up in the furnace.

Hope these tips will help keep your furnace running in tip top shape this heating season! Call today to schedule a Precision Tune-Up on your gas or oil furnace!